UJI Dental Master Meeting 2019 Spain
Nov 26, 2019, 8:30 AM
Jaume I University,
Avenida de Vicent Sos Baynat, s/n, 12071 Castelló de la Plana, Castelló, Spain

Scientific Sessions & Presentations will be uploaded here in a short while


Scientific Sessions

November 26: 8.30 AM - to 27  3 PM

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Congress Venue

The Auditorium is the venue on the university campus designed to host academic and institutional events, dramatic and musical performances, film screenings, and conferences and meetings. The main hall has a capacity of 491 seats and an area of 467.10 m2, and the amphitheatre has 144 seats and an area of 128.10 m2.

The building design and management serves the following purposes:

To host academic ceremonies and functions of the Universität Jaume I.

To become the venue for its own cultural programmes within the general cultural programme of the Universität Jaume I.

To host conferences, meetings and appropriate general activities organised by the Universität Jaume I or under collaboration agreements with other institutions.

To host conferences, meetings and appropriate general activities organised by external organisations, under a rental agreement. 

The Auditorium building was designed by the architects Francisco Grande, José Font and Francisco Mestre. It is structured around a set of volumes and materials that give the whole building a distinctive and imposing character. A large five-storey box faced with large black ceramic tiles stands on a podium faced with granite and one side joins a translucent prism, which houses the communications and services area of the complex. The merging of these three simple forms has generated, according to its creators, ‘a powerful architectural body, with a strong, significant presence’ that both fulfils the purpose for which it was built and enriches the architectural heritage of the Universität Jaume I, exemplifying its ability to make an outstanding contribution, through the dissemination of knowledge and culture, to the economic and cultural development of the region.

Area: 467.10 m2

Total seats: 491

Light: electric

Furniture: seats covered with black synthetic velvet, with wooden and aluminium arms

Area: 244.90 m2

Minimum ceiling height: 2.50 m

Maximum ceiling height: 10.15 m

Lighting: natural and electric

Furniture: black leather pouffes

Information provided by: Socio-cultural Activities Service


Congress Venue

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